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Being true to yourself by sararexroat
April 20, 2010, 6:36 pm
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It seems doing what is right is not the same thing as doing what is easy.  I have recently made some rather life altering choices.  They have not been easy, but they have been the right choices for me.  I decided a few months ago that it was time for me to move on from the job I was holding.  That was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made; my co-workers were great, the job was with a growing company, and I didn’t have another job to move onto.  My job had become more and more focused as the company grew and I felt like I was becoming less not more.  I knew there was more out there that I wanted to be doing but couldn’t figure out how to do it at that company.  So with support from those closest to me and prayers for me from my parents, I decided to move on…move on to figuring things out for myself.

Figuring things out sounds fun and light and easy, but when one really tries to get to the core of things it is anything but fun and easy.  I have to budget my savings to make the most of them while I’m in this limbo.  I have to be true to what I want as I have been fortunate to have had several job opportunities, but none so far have been the right match.  It would be easier to just take one of these opportunities and hope it works out okay, but that is not why I set out on this path of uncertainty.  At times, this all feels so selfish and indulgent but being happy and, hopefully in the end, productive shouldn’t feel that way, should it?


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I SO admire your strength to move on when you do not know what the future holds. A lot of times that happens much later in life (and I mean that from a middle age woman standpoint who is facing the same issues you are), but to have the maturity to do that at such a young age, like you are, is truly admirable. Life goes by SOOOO fast, and you should be enjoying it. I know you will find the right thing, and if not, you know you have the courage and strength to continue to find what makes you happy.

Comment by Laura Weldon

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