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Who’s Your Hero? by corumkeller
February 19, 2010, 3:36 am
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by Christa Orum-Keller

Wednesday morning this week, ILCA board members were invited as guests, to sample the leadership experience which participants of the ILCA Leadership Council share through their involvement in that program.  Learn more about the Leadership Council here:

The program we sampled, was one about leading in lean times.  Just as valuable as the content the speaker presented, was the conversation, questions and discussion in the small groups and during the breaks.  It is clear; we need each other, as vendors, customers, friends as colleagues to get through these times.

Some of the important points I took away from the morning included:

  1. Knowing your core values is the foundation for all you do.  If the core values aren’t clear, everything else will be muddy too.  Clarity about one’s core values = clarity in decisions and actions.
  2. Everyone in the room is facing the same business challenges in some fashion or other.  We are not alone.  We are all looking to do more with less, seeking ways to fight our way back to become profitable, having to make some of the toughest decisions in our lives – and amidst it all we all need help keeping ourselves charged up, hopeful and positive.
  3. As business leaders we have to carefully balance the immediate demands of today, that is our very survival, with the bigger picture strategies for the future so we can thrive and grow again.  Today this balance is more important than ever.
  4. Every little thing counts; every second counts – and every decision you make about what to do with and in that moment counts.  Make the most of it.

Early in the presentation there was a reference to personal heros.  When I considered who my heros were I thought immediately about people like Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, but I didn’t feel my answer was complete – it just didn’t feel like I had fully answered that question.  After the session, I talked with a fellow ILCA member about this conundrum and as we stood at the top of the room, she said that her heros are everyday heros – they are the people she works with and recreates with.  My eyes scanned the room and I had my answer.

Right there, in that room, these hard working, kind, thoughtful, caring, diligent ILCA people are my heros.  The inspiration and hope I walked away with had come from them more than it would from anyone else.  We need each other – and we need the heroic inspiration we can provide for each other in challenging times.  Yes indeed, we need each other.


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Your post gave me goose bumps! Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s one of the beauties of Leadership Council, these people are passionate about their work and their colleagues!

Comment by Terre Houte

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