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Californian Dreaming by Melisa Bell by melisabell
February 15, 2010, 5:10 pm
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Every year around this time I have a recurring dream of digging in the dirt, planting “stuff”, and finalizing my “move everything in garden” plans. I call this my harbinger of spring dream and I always feel so excited when I wake from it. It’s Mother Nature waking me up; letting me know that spring is right around the corner – yipee! I can almost smell the earth defrosting and see the daffodils poking their heads through the soil, stretching for sunlight. I have a similar dream in October, but not nearly as pleasant. In my October dream I wake up to discover four inches of snow on the ground, even though the grass is still green and the leaves haven’t fallen. Of course we are not even close to being ready for snow removal; none of the equipment has been installed on the trucks, we’re still working on fall clean up’s and playing beat the clock in construction. I am caught completely off guard and so we all panic, in my dream that is. Usually after my October dream I march into work and put together the truck schedule, finalize my de-icing material purchase, reach out to snow plow operators, etc… This dream is a harbinger also, but it fills me with anxiety instead of joy.
It’s kind of funny; I was born and raised in California: the land of no seasons, so I it makes me feel kind of special to have this connection with nature’s rhythm, kind of like she is whispering in my ear exclusively. Maybe she thinks I need a little extra help, being a Californian and all she might assume I am a little dense about this “changing of the seasons” stuff. My California roots currently have me craving sunshine. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of complaining about how sick I am of winter; that would be uninteresting and untrue. For a lot of us, winter is a time to slow down a little and take a breath after a hectic season. It’s time to read a book by the fire or walk in the woods on a warm day; the woods are so quiet in winter. I love the seasons. Not only for the change in scenery but also for the change in life’s rhythm. There is no sameness in the seasons. There are unique chores for each season and for me, unique feelings accompany each season. Fall has a very special place in my heart in fact it is my favorite season. Both my husband and I have birthdays and our anniversary in fall. Fall feels like family and comfort and smells like burning leaves, which I love. Crisp sunny days and apples, warm sweaters and boots, the prairie; these are my favorite things.
According to my internal calendar, it won’t be long before we shift gears again and bid old man winter his proper adieu. Snow shovels back to the garage where they belong, ashes out of the fireplace, and winter coats to the dry cleaner. It’s time to wake up, stretch our limbs and wait for March to confound us with her unpredictable way of showing winter the door and welcoming in spring.


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