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Man’s best friend(and woman’s too)… by ldedmc06
December 8, 2009, 2:22 pm
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“Can we please get a dog??!?!” I had been hearing that for years as our 3 children were growing up. My husband grew up having a dog, but had developed a slight allergy once he got a little older and was not around dogs much anymore. My two older children suffer from mild asthma/seasonal allergies and I just did not think it was a wise idea to bring a dog into the house with allergy issues, let alone a crazy, busy household. Would we have time to spend with the dog? Would the kids follow through on their promises to help train him or her? Walk him or her? Etc… I knew the responsibility would fall to me once the novelty wore off, and quite some time ago, I just was not ready for this. Well, as the kids grew older and they didn’t want hugs and kisses from mom and were busy hanging with friends, playing sports, working, etc. It got to be awful quiet in the house at times and lets face it, I was getting older too so having another child was completely out of the question. So guess what we did almost a year ago-we brought a new puppy into our home (she does not shed)!  I am pleased to say Chloe has brought us nothing but joy. She makes us smile, laugh and brings us all a little closer. The kids do help take care of her and I will say that she is a little spoiled! She gets nothing but love and attention and it happened at the perfect time.



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The joy and unconditional love that pets give us is immeasureable! I have had to say good-bye to 2 aged pets in the last few years. In my grief I vowed not to fall in love again. Yet, they bring so much to my life. We have 2 more new friends! Enjoy!

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