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Sixty IS the New Forty – Keys to 60+ by Terre Houte
November 24, 2009, 8:46 pm
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By Terrè Houte

 Yep, I am less than one month from celebrating my 60th. Here are my random thoughts as I approach this exciting milestone! 

Attitude + Gratitude + Don’t sweat the small stuff – Skype, text, write letters, send cards, give gifts. (My non-traditional holiday gift-giving is a joy to me. I spend time during the holidays delivering “thank-you” sweets to the folks who “serve” me during the year: dry cleaners, veterinary hospital staff, bird seed store, auto mechanics, hairdresser, eyeglass store, resale shopkeeper, doctor offices, mail carrier, restaurant personnel, the place where I get my daily morning bagel and coffee (they give me a great start to my day). The looks on their faces when I pop in to give them a gift is  . . . priceless! 

Volunteer! Food pantries, homeless shelters, nursing homes, literacy organizations, and the city of New Orleans appreciate help. 

Try a healthy lifestyle – vegetarian, organic, (can I quit seafood this year?) Drive the speed limit (and drive as if you were the only one paying attention (because you are). Text, tweet, call, drink, read, (shave?) and apply make-up when you get to the parking lot. Relax: see how long you can spend on the couch with a cat (or two) on your lap. The housework and gardening can wait. Exercise: watch HGTV from the treadmill. It makes the time fly by! Laugh – watch Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor” and laugh ‘til you cry. 

Live Green – Remove all carpeting, use non-chemical cleaning, redirect the radon gas, (throw out husband’s secret stash of nasty Turf Builder), visit the Botanic Garden and the Arboretum . . . often. Install rain barrels and rain gardens. Go to the zoo. Feed the birds, chipmunks, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, possums and yes, even the coyote. COMPOST! RECYCLE! 

Sing + Dance + Play – My grandchildren’s song requests remind me of the joy of music. Dance at weddings. (You can heal sore muscles later). Play with children. Climb on the jungle gyms, run through wet leaves, put on your Wellies and play in the puddles, slide down slides, crawl through the tunnels, act silly. Rule of thumb: Don’t act your age!

I am grateful to have found so many new friends at ILCA. Have a fabulous, memorable, and grateful Thanksgiving!  Terrè Houte


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Terre, You are right, 60 is the new 40, especially with an attitude like you have. How inspiring and motivating you are! I am thankful to have met you almost 2 years ago at Starved Rock. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family. Laura

Comment by Laura Weldon

If I look as good as you do at 60, I can’t wait!

Comment by Scott G

You have so much energy. This list of random thoughts is your fountain of youth! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Comment by Kathy Wicks

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