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ILCA :Membership Does Have It’s Privileges…. by kathywicks2215
October 27, 2009, 6:38 pm
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By: Kathy Wicks

Christa had the opportunity to  predict the benefits of the  ICLA 5oth anniversary party in her October 23rd blog.   I have the pleasure of blogging my thoughts post party.  Christa, you hit the nail right on the head, as the saying goes! Attending the event was an impressive history lesson. Watching the photos on the screen as music of the  past 5 decades played brought us all back in time. The past president’s speeches were a true testament to the dedication and committment that each person brought to ILCA as they served their term.  Although each past president had a unique story to tell, there was one underlying theme throughout; FRIENDSHIP. As the speeches ended and all of the members spilled into the adjoining room for delicious food and drinks, this theme of FRIENDSHIP remained at the forefront.  At every table, each corner and at every side of the bar I observed ILCA members enjoying each other.  The room radiated a sense of comfort and warmth.  Old friends and new acquaintances mingled together with laughter and an ease of just being together.  Sharing our triumphs and challenges while genuinely feeling heard and respected.   No one can predict what the future holds within the next 50 years for the members of ILCA.  However, I feel confident in sharing one prediction:  ILCA members will always have a place to feel a sense of belonging,  and friendship.  MEMBERSHIP DOES HAVE IT’S PRIVILEGES!

I also wanted to take a minute to give thanks and gratitude to Scott, Michelle,Denise and all the staff at ICLA for planning and executing a fabulous evening!


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Kathy–I’ve only been part of this organization for one year (I can’t decide if I want to say “that long” or “is that all”???), I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more. As an association staff person, sometimes there can be a gap between you and the members, but ILCA members have made me feel right at home, and I already count many people as my friends. I’m lucky to have been picked by Scott as the candidate for my position on this staff and as part of the community of ILCA.

Comment by Michelle

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