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Olympian Effort by Scott Grams by sgramsilca
October 2, 2009, 10:29 pm
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On October 2, 2009 Chicago learned it lost the Olympics to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The announcement acted as a bit of an exclamation point on a rough year for many contractors, builders and developers who hoped the Games could bring a short term economic boost. At the very least, we hoped it would raise the level of local consumer confidence as public and private businesses geared up for the games. Sadly, the 2016 Olympics will not be coming to Chicago.

So what does this mean for the City of Chicago? Did we overstep our bounds and think we were a world class city capable of hosting the games? Nonsense. Chicago is a world class city already. I have traveled extensively throughout these United States and can say the only city that comes aesthetically close to Chicago is San Francisco. Besides, did the games make Atlanta, GA a “world class city?” Did the city immediately become the Paris of the South? No. Atlanta is still a fine town that once hosted the Olympic games. Los Angeles is a fine town the once hosted the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games neither made nor broke Atlanta or Los Angeles.

Regardless of what anyone thought of the Olympic effort, the 2016 Committee still deserves accolades. I respected their determination and volunteerism. They saw all of the good in Chicago. Is there anything wrong with having intense pride in the city? As Americans, we appreciate hard work and a job well done regarless of the outcome. We laud Olympic athletes who finish first but are moved by those who gave it their all and came up short. The 2016 Committee pushed this Olympic crusade and never lost faith. We were one of four finalists in the entire world. Let us stand and applaud their effort. Thanking 2016 after it’s all said and done is not a political statement. Let the politics rest for a minute. 2016 asked Illinoisans to once again dream of a bigger, better Chicago. This city has been built, burned, and rebuilt. We’ll get over losing the 2016 games. Let’s reinvest all that effort and energy into 2009, 2010, 2011… Seven years was too long to wait for prosperity anyway.


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Kudos back to you Mr. Grams! Please send your blog post to the Chicago newspapers as an editorial. It is worthy!

Comment by Terre Houte

My friend Terre houte told me about this beautifully written post so i just had to take a look. Boy was she right, Scott you captured things perfectly. Thank you for the insight and inspiration.

Comment by Jeff True

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