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A New Chapter in our life… by ldedmc06
August 12, 2009, 2:11 pm
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Our first born is leaving for college! She is the bundle of joy we brought home almost 18 years ago. She is the one we both stared at in awe, looked at each other in fright (oh no, now that we have her home from the hospital what do we do now?!?!?!) took millions of pictures of (the third and last child has about 1/4 of the pictures!) let scream and cry in her crib til she finally fell asleep, so we wouldn’t have to have her depend on us to get her to sleep. Boy did the  years FLY by! She is a beautiful, smart, independent woman now. At one point a few years ago (junior high) I thought she would never ‘like’ me. She was stubborn, crabby, moody, just not real pleasant to be around. Now, we can go shopping, out to lunch, or just hang out. She is a real pleasure to be around. I think she actually ‘likes’ me now! I She is going to do just fine in college. I believe that all we have taught her, shown her, instilled in her, and how she has been brought up will carry her through these next 4 years.  I want to believe there will be no tears as we pull away from her dorm (heck-she is going to be at Loyola University on Sheridan Road, just a 15 minute drive from the house), and if there are, they will be tears of joy! I think she will do just fine…


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What an accomplishment! To raise a caring, kind, and curious child is a feat to celebrate. I think our children are wired to be “moody and unlikeable” as they get closer to leaving the nest. That way it doesn’t hurt quite as much. I remember sobbing all the way from DePaul to Wheaton. Hang in there, you’ve done a fabulous job! Terre

Comment by Terre Houte

Thank you for your comment Terre. I won’t feel funny crying from Loyola to Skokie!

Comment by Laura Weldon

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