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IT IS WHAT IT IS by kathywicks2215
August 5, 2009, 7:31 pm
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By: Kathy Wicks

It is what it is. These five simple words have become my mantra lately. This phrase seems to apply to almost any situation (professional or personal) and instantly removes my stress. A cliché that reminds me it is ok to move on, go forward with no need to get stuck in why. For example, this blog had a deadline of last week. Due to unusual circumstances I did not accomplish this task. In the past, I would have completely stressed out about my inability to complete my work. Instead, I said” It is what it is”. I made a plan for how and when I was going to complete the blog.
As it turns out, the popularity of this phrase goes back a few years. USA TODAY awarded the phrase as “Sports Quote of 2004”. Many professional coaches use this phrase with their athletes after a loss as a way for them to compartmentalize what happened, and look to the future. A well known psychologist, Don Powell, sports fan and author of Best Sports Clichés Ever! believes this particular cliché can take a stressful situation and give it instant comfort with a positive affect.
If the business world began using this phrase what might happen? Try saying “It is What It Is” when a vendor increases a price, an employee calls in sick, a truck breaks down
or a client changes an order. Immediately your mind will turn to a mode of problem solving and what can be done to remediate the issue instead of wallowing in why. See if you can use this catchy cliché in your office! What type of culture would that create in your company?


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