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How did I end up here? by sararexroat
July 7, 2009, 8:45 pm
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Sara Rexroat

At this point in the year I often ask myself “How did I end up here?”.  I am just starting to come out of the spring craze/daze of the midwest landscaping year and sometimes wonder why do I do this. 

This past winter I decided to start tomato plants from seed for the first time ever!  Once I started looking at different varieties, I was barely able to contain my excitement (and choices).  I ended up with 5 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  As the seeds sprouted and I coddled them along, I started to wonder where in the world was I going to put close to 100 tomato plants?  I live in the city and only have a balcony with enough space for 3 pots in addition to 3 window boxes.  That’s when I started asking everyone I know if they could use a tomato plant or two or five.

The last of the seedlings went to an old family friend and I just sent her an email that had all the information on these “not your typical garden center” tomato varieties.  And it made me smile that I was able to share my love of plants with those around me and answered the perennial question “How did I end up here?”.


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