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See You in September? by Terre Houte by Terre Houte
May 26, 2009, 1:46 pm
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Here I go again. It’s the brink of summer 2009. I just looked at our personal calendar for June-July-August. Oh my! You see, I have this laundry list of “Things I Must do This Summer”. There are just not enough weekends before the snow flies. And if you are reading this blog, then you probably are in the green industry and this is your crazy time! I got to thinking about that. People who are passionate about horticulture may have creative juices that are fueled by seeing beautiful, compelling, lush, and unique landscapes. But when is there time to soak in all the beauty? I live two blocks from the Gardens at Cantigny. When was the last time I was there? I know it was when our sons were small enough to run around and climb on the display of military equipment. They are now 31 and 29 years of age. Morton Arboretum a fabulous place. I drive past it twice daily on my commute to and from work. I have had a membership for several years. I have gone about a half dozen times each year (most were work-related). Same for the Chicago Botanic Garden another mind-blowing “Garden of Eden” (or is it Garden on the Edens?). The only time I have been there is also because of work or attending a symposium. (My sister even works there). Do you see my dilemma? All these destinations are best seen during our crazy season. How do we literally “stop and smell the roses?” So, I am asking you to keep me to my word on this. When the leaves fall and it’s too cold to have the top down on the convertible, will I be able to tell you “what I did on my summer (weekend) vacations?” Will it be a colorful litany of garden walks, prairie path journeys, fun at the Morton Children’s Garden with my grandchildren, and a romantic stroll on Evening Island? I hope so. Please ask me when you see me in September. Terre Houte, Hursthouse


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