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Why Do We Need A Women’s Networking Group? by corumkeller
May 2, 2009, 10:28 pm
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By Christa Orum-Keller

Now that we have had a few weeks of collective blogging experience, it’s time to get controversial, don’t you think?  Time to unveil the scintillating topics discussed at the WNG committee meetings.   You know, the secret plot to take over ILCA and the entire free world!   (—laugh here—)

Seriously.  Our committee has received questions from ILCA members about why we need a separate women’s group, what we’re really doing, what our goals are and if we might be considering forming a new stand-alone green industry group separate from ILCA.  These are valid questions and we are thankful that ILCA members are open in sharing them with us.  The questions need to be addressed, and if you have more questions or have heard of concerns from others, just click on the comment box below and share them now.

 The WNG is absolutely not seeking to separate or create something detached from ILCA.  We are part of the whole of ILCA, actually a subcommittee of membership, with our goal to attract new and additional members while specifically serving needs of industry women.  I think I can speak for our committee in saying that we feel one more separate entity is not what we need in our industry and we are dedicated to our role within ILCA.  We feel the more we can work together, the more collaboration between industry groups, then the better off we are.  So if that’s the case, why do we need our own committee?

 A group to meet one of your identity’s unique characteristics can serve to separate, or, it can bring greater enlightenment and self awareness in a way which can improve the individual and others’ capacity for empathy and compassion.  It is my personal hope that our ILCA WNG can accomplish the later.

 The WNG expresses thanks to our progressive ILCA board for supporting the committee’s formation under the membership committee, and for their continued and encouraging presence at our events.



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