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Human Capital – A Labor of Love by Terre Houte
April 28, 2009, 9:42 pm
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Today I’m thinking about the softer side of the Green industry (a sage green, perhaps?) through the filter of my husband (a senior human resource professional). With the “immigration” issue discussed on TV and radio, I have been frustrated with the lop-sided coverage. I have become “family” with our associates at work. I hear their side of the saga. I hope for an outcome that will be fair and just for all. I received a nasty “group” email the other day oozing with paranoia about “those people taking away our pensions!” My habit is to just hit the “delete” button and ignore these sad people. But I had had enough! So I hit “Reply to All” and calmly shared my thoughts on the subject, which were quite the opposite. I think we need to communicate and educate in order to come together on this issue. ILCA is a terrific forum for getting accurate information to help us educate folks. Stay tuned for upcoming meetings and seminars including events with our lobbyist and our elected officials. It is an interesting time! Good thing I love people!


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I agree some immigrant workers are good people, but I see both sides of this issue. Haveing worked over 15 years in horticulture I have been witness to tactics by immigrant workers aimed at keeping jobs for family and friends by makeing work impossible for outsiders. Most large nurseries employee large families or people who originally came from the same town in Mexico and I have watched them drive out those not connected. This includes foreman and supervisors who do not go along with the agenda. I love people too, but I feel the idea that Americans are not willing to do these kind of jobs is not accurate because of the way they are somtimes treated by immigrant workers. These “tactics” I am referring too are not always easy too spot, working with uncooperative people on a daily basis can cause folks to look for a new job.

Comment by Julie Peden

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