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A Call to Service by reisele
April 24, 2009, 4:14 am
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By Rebecca Eisele

Whether you agree with our current President’s politics or not, I think we can all agree that his call to service should not be ignored.  There are so many people and so many causes that need our help.  With the state of our economy, charitable organizations are feeling the pinch of decreasing donations at the exact moment when their services are needed the most.   Money is short all around these days.  In previous years when you may have written a check, this year you may consider lending your time and skills.

Service is by no means a one way street.  Developing a spirit of service within yourself is one of the most rewarding endeavors you can pursue.    The old adages “to give is to receive” and “you get what you give,” are not just clever paradoxes.  Through my experiences with the leadership council, I was reminded of the true joy that comes from giving of yourself.  We work in a service industry and it is so easy to just go through the motions of servicing our clients.  It takes time to truly listen to and serve your customers, but it is time well spent.

It feels good!   Who doesn’t love that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from doing the right thing?  And today’s hyper-connected world is making it easier and easier to find the volunteer opportunity that best matches your skills and interests.  A friend of mine loves to quilt, she dreams quilts, it feeds her soul.  She recently began creating blankets for babies in Appalachia.  She is doing something that is good for herself and helps those less fortunate.  A true win/win situation!  

This brings me to some questions I have for myself and you.  What do we as women have to give?  What is our unique role as women?  What is our unique role as women in the green industry?  How are other women in your life serving the greater good?  How are you serving your community?  We as the Illinois Landscape Contractor’s Association Women’s Networking Group Committee (wow what a mouthful) want to know what you think.

Please check out these websites for a variety of service opportunities:


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