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Dude Break… by sgramsilca
March 17, 2009, 9:49 pm
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I’m the only fella with posting powers on the WNG blog. I feel lke Bosley on “Charlie’s Angels.”


If someone would have told me that one of our Committees would set up a blog, I would have immediately guessed it would be the Women’s Networking Group. The WNG continues to show it’s at the forefront of technology and social networking. In fact, if someone would have told me one of our committees purchased jetpacks I would have assumed it was the WNG too. They aren’t really a Committee. They are more of a battlewagon of fresh ideas and energy that never stops moving forward.


When Events Manager Michelle Scott introduced the WNG to their new blog there was a certain sense of panic shared by some of the committee members. Uncomfortable glances were passed around the table as Michelle detailed the intricacies of the blogosphere. To many, blogging sounded on par with snowboarding, Nintendo Wii, and Red Bull. These are foreign concepts that lie in the domain of young people with multiple piercings and tattoos. Yet something drew the WNG to the concept. They seemed to recognize their role as trendsetters within ILCA. If no one else is comfortable doing it, the WNG will roll up their sleeves and dive in.


Just like with the Committee, there will be many members who feel uncomfortable with the notion of a blog. When we feel uncomfortable, we react negatively. That is one of the sad features of the human race; we vilify what we don’t understand. I don’t know when this happens. When we are little children we constantly want to explore. It seems that we hit a certain age and come to the conclusion that we now know everything we need to know. New technology becomes scary. New methods of communication become frivolous. New products become wasteful and unnecessary. Our childlike wonder and curiosity drifts away. Sometimes we need a helping hand to get it back.


To me, that communal spirit sustains the WNG. Let’s face it. Maybe 5% of us are good dancers. Maybe 2% of us are good singers (of course, I am one of the rare 1% that fall into both categories). Yet, at Mid-Am in January there was a collection of women and men singing and dancing and acting like fools at “Howl at the Moon.” No one thought about looking silly. We all just enjoyed each other’s company. How hard do you think it will be for a WNG member to call another WNG member for professional advice or assistance after she heard her croon “Respect” by Aretha Franklin?


The WNG allows its members to break out of their comfort zones. After all, a blog is the journal of an extrovert and the diary of an exhibitionist. The WNG isn’t scared to try and fail. If they roll out this blog and it’s slow to gain acceptance, it, it won’t be the end of the world. They will have tried another thing that smashes barriers, defies stereotypes, and makes all of our lives a little more fun.


I am so excited for another year of WNG events, activities, and innovation. And this summer, when someone zooms past me in a jetpack at Summer Field Day, it won’t even faze me.


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