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Why Network? by reisele
February 27, 2009, 10:53 pm
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In today’s climate of economic uncertainty, I believe the unique support systems women create are more important than ever. I was laid off for the first time this winter and the relationships I have cultivated through my affiliation with the Illinois Landscape Contractor’s Association (ILCA), Kishwaukee College, and other various contacts made during my career have proved invaluable. Throughout this transition so many women (and men) offered their support and help. Because of these connections I was able to find employment relatively quickly. These relationships that have been built over months and years proved to be a strong safety net in a time of need.

What makes women’s support systems unique? The relationships women build go beyond the average business conversation and small talk. These relationships often blur the line between personal and professional. After all, it’s easier to balance your life when it’s one integrated whole rather than a bunch of social balls you’re forced to juggle. Women tend to have a wider range of social bonds, not just others our age, in our life stage, or in our occupation. Social bonds are important to women, we define and judge ourselves by the relationships we form and keep. The ILCA Women’s Networking Group (WNG) creates an arena to forge new relationships and nurture existing ones.

It is easy in times of economic crisis to withdraw and “hunker down,” but now it is more important than ever to get out and strengthen these relationships. At the end of the day, it’s the relationships we have in our lives that really count. Whether attending an educational event and learning new information to help your business grow or blowing off some steam at a social event, get to know your colleagues a little better. You can never know who could use your help or who could help you.


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I agree that networking is great to help all of us as a profession and as individuals. Whoever thought of starting up a blog had a great idea. Being in southern Illinois (Carbondale), it’s not very practical or affordable for me to physically be involved, but I’m online everyday. Thanks for the efforts to get this going!
Karen Stoelzle Midden

Comment by Karen Stoelzle Midden

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