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First official blog entry for the Women’s Networking Group by ldedmc06
February 25, 2009, 7:59 pm
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Well, here it goes…the first ‘official’ post to the WNG blog!  My name is Laura Weldon and I am the Chairperson for the Women’s Networking Group. I volunteered to do this first posting and I won’t be lying when I say that I was a little nervous about it. This blogging stuff is new to me. Sure, I know it is becoming more and more popular to do, but lets face it, I just haven’t spent a lot of time reading other peoples blogs, let alone writing on one. The committee came up with the idea to begin blogging as a way to stay in touch, share thoughts and ideas, learn, grow, make connections and get feedback. For me this is a learning experience and I am grateful I am getting to do this. I hope everyone who reads this and shares in it will feel the same way. Today my business partner (and she is my sister too!) , Kathy and I had breakfast with one of our vendors. It is getting to be that time again where we begin connecting with vendors and planning for the Spring Season. I came away from breakfast with a renewed sense of positivity. I know that is hard to believe, why just turn on the news, open a newspaper, talk to friends and lately it is REALLY hard to be positive. But here we were, having breakfast and talking about how business is going to be this year. It was more than the usual ‘hope the weather is good this Spring’ it was ‘hope the weather is good and people will spend some money’ . We as business owners are going to be positive, work even harder, give GREAT customer service, go that extra mile, we are going to do as much as we can to be hopeful that 2009 is a good year. What are you doing to keep up that positive attitude? How is your business going to shine this year? Lets share some ideas on what we can do as owners or employees to make it through this next year…


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Great comments Laura! I especially like your “positive attitude” thoughts.

Comment by Joe Hobson

How does one join this festive group? Or at least is apprised of the goings-on…? Looks great!!

Comment by Catherine Thompson

Catherine, If you check and go to the membership link on the left you will be able to link to the ‘Women’s Networking Group’ site. From there you will see upcoming events and how to register for them. We try to have educational/speaker events as well as social events. The more the merrier!!!!

Comment by Laura Weldon

I think it is really great that the women in the industry have a strong voice in the industry. I know I am just an old timer, but as a past president, I am always looking for ways to assist women in non-traditional trades.

Keep me in the loop. Thanks.


Comment by Cheryl Muskus

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